LaLa Projects can help your business create or purchase visuals. Photos are an incredibly important aspect of marketing.  They are integral for websites, social media, and print content.  Having fresh photos to help tell your story is essential for growing your business.  There are two recommended approaches, both require a small investment into building a company’s digital asset.

Option 1: Stock Photography

Stock photos typically cost about $10 per photo.  There are some resources that offer free stock photos, and we use these when we can.  Your business model will likely determine if stock photos would a good fit for you.

Option 2: Custom Photography

We can schedule a photo shoot of you, your staff, and your business in general. We work with a number of local photographers and have some aspiring photographers on staff.  They will come to your place of business to document your staff and work life. They typically deliver at least 100 beautiful photos.  The sky is the limit, we can create whatever your business needs.

More thoughts

on Photography

Images for Social Media

We are living in a stimulating visual environment where content and imagery is consumed at a very quick rate. For example, if you create just three posts a week with only one photo per post, that would add up to 156 photos for the year.  It is very helpful for businesses to have a collection of professional photos that capture your mission, your presence, and the essence of your venture.

Smart Phone Photos

Smart Phones have come a long way and can produce good photos.  Which is great for social media content, but they are typically not high quality enough for website use.  People make decisions to buy your products or use your services based on the look of your website.  An investment in good photography will elevate your standing online and produce better results for your business.