Digital Nomads

Roots with Wings

Our founder, Debra Lanning, has been working remotely for more than a decade.  She is an old pro at a lifestyle that some people are just discovering.  One of the core values at LaLa Projects is Freedom, we have built our business, team, and tools needed to support a remote workforce with this in mind.

Being a digital nomad can mean different things to different people.  We have a couple of team members that live in the Upper Peninsula, for them, they like the freedom of living in the wild North while still having great employment opportunities. Our founder takes more of a Snow Bird approach, 6 months in Traverse City, MI and 6 months in Tempe, AZ.  Other team members are rooted in Grand Rapids, Michigan but take extended trips to enjoy and explore other places. Wherever we are, we maintain a normal work schedule and produce great results for our clients. Meet the LaLa Projects team.

“When we remove the constraints of a traditional office we are able to offer challenging, interesting, and rewarding work to our team members while having the flexible freedom to craft our dream lifestyle.”

Founder: Debra Lanning

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