Tell your story with flare

Creating website copy is more than just writing a description. We want to give your viewers information, but we also want to write keyword-rich copy that will help search engines catalog and rank your website. This approach to copywriting will produce dynamic writing that will put your website to work. LaLa Projects employs a number of freelance copywriters.  We’ll connect you with a writing partner that will suit you and your business.

Content Coaching

Because writing website copy is not as easy as it sounds

The BIGGEST CHALLENGE that all clients face is creating website copy. You are the expert in your business and an integral part of developing the website messaging.  Even though you know what you want to say it can be challenging to know where to start, how to stay motivated, and what keywords work for you. At LaLa Projects we provide you with a content coach to help you move these mountains.

Our Process

Keyword Research

Our goal is to create content that provides value for people searching for businesses like yours. Through keyword research, we are able to see which keywords and terms people use to search for a given topic or business type.  Empowered with this knowledge we can craft content based on how people are searching. This allows us to deliver optimal results for search engine ranking.

Information Architecture

Using Google Drive we create an information architecture that provides the structure you need to visualize your website page and text content. This document allows you to see the big picture of what we are working together to create.  This system allows you to work with a text editor to easily create the required text content.

Goals & Accountability

As a busy person, it can be challenging to carve out time to work on a side project such as a new website.  The team at LaLa Projects can help you set attainable goals and provide you with the accountability needed to push your project forward.

Editing & Optimizing

Once we have the content that you created we can help refine and optimize it to perform well online.  Keep in mind content is king, by working with a content coach we can elevate your business online.